About Joind

The idea of Joind is simple - a platform where students and other people can try out the activities and projects they always wanted to do in life. Studying and going to university is a time where most people feel the most free - there are no strings which hold one back from trying out something one has never tried before. Joind is still under construction process, which began in late August. It is looking to grow a community and become the place to go to for students to try out a new activitiy and meet people with similar interests, but also for people who are looking for specific others to collaborate on projects on.

Joind was developed by Vincent Wittek, a student for the Bachelor of Psychology at University of Amsterdam. When he started going to University he found a few specific problems around the university and student life in general, like that there is almost no possibility for people to meet students from other departments, or that its hard to do try out activities without spending a lot of money or commiting on a weekly schedule. In an attempt to solve these problems he started Joind as a project of his with help from his knowledge in Psychology and Webdevelopment. Vincent is always looking for feedback or collaboration with other people. Do you have an offer or idea for Joind, or do you just want to say hi? Just write a message and stay tuned for a quick response!

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