Chess Tournament

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DATE&TIME: 9 Dec 2020 - 19:00 | GENERAL LOCATION: Student Hotel City

Are you still in the chess hype from Queens Gambit, or are you just a chess lover or enthusiast looking to play some games? On the Wednesday the 9th, we are having a nice little chess tournament at the TSH City! Dont worry, any skill is welcome and the price you can win isnt toooo big so the pressure isnt too high. I am really excited to see who the best player here is, but also who else is just as interested as I am in the game right now, so dont hesitate to join! We will be playing a 8 player bracket, so with 3 games, which will take maximum one hour each. Because I sadly dont have chess sets, we will probably play on Laptops, but still face to face. All you need to bring therefore is your laptop (and a charger maybe).

- Your laptop and a charger

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